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The Drum Zone

The Drum Zone

Welcome to the BBT Drum Zone. If you play drums and or percussion you will feel right at home here. At BBT we are proud to be featuring a zone where drummers can take advantage of the of the mixes here in a "MINUS ONE DRUMS" context.

That means we have prepared state of the art mixes for you to practice over, lock to and improve your chops with. Featuring now many selections from our current BBT catalog and with tempos ranging from 45 BPM all the way to 176 BPM you will find a variety of great sounding mixes to shed over.

With the main drum mix not present anymore we have chosen a great sounding click that cuts through the mix but is not abrasive as some clicks can sometimes be.


Frank Briggs

What separates  Bobbys Backing Tracks from other online backing tracks is the presence of REAL players and REAL live drum performances. Enter Frank Briggs. As one of LA's sought after session guys and teachers, Frank brings a diverse rich palette of experience, passion and groove.Our extensive BBT catalog is filled with fresh and alive contributions from Frank. If  drums are your thing don't hesitate check more of Frank Briggs right here.


Minus One Drums Tracks

The Pocket Central Drum Bundle and Spain are  currently the only Minus One drum products available now at the BBT store. Because you've asked, more minus one's being mixed and added soon!


Please note all drummers: Contained in the Pocket Central Drum Bundle are 2 mixes per title. One mix with a click and one mix without the click. Many of you are using and intergrating Logic, ProTools and other DAW's and enjoy playing back your mixes without the click.

Happy shedding, and thanks for visiting BBT's Drum Zone!