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Piero Del Prete and Frank Biggs on "Affirmation"

Tom playing on Pats masterpiece "Goodbye"

Christophe weighing in on "The Girl From Ipanema"

Vinnas from Brasil

Dominic Hardy from Fret Time

Piero (Italy), Fran (USA) and Norman(Thailand) team up here on Spain

The amazing Sylvain Courtney

Check out Rodriegez and Frank on this Sting /Dominic Miller Classic


Andrew hitting "All Blues"


Chuck D'Aloia's tribute to Marvin Gaye



"2009 Guitar Idol winner Jack Thammarat on"Cry for You"

Chuck D'Aloia~ Blue Miles"

Norman King hitting "Stella by Starlight"

Bill Colletti blowing on Stings "Seven Days"

Miles Davis guitarist Garth Webber from California.

Miles Davis "All Blues"(Funk Version) by Carlos

Vinai Trinateepakdee from Bangkok on Luke's "Song for Jeff"

Joe Washington on Lennon / McCartney's "Yesterday"

Intercontinental jam action on "Stratus"

Guido Bungenstock's "Over The Rainbow"

Matt Otten jazzin up  "Light My Fire"

Stings "La Belle Dame Sans Regrets" by Carlos

Jack Thammarat from Thailand "Song for Jeff"

Fran Merante on Jaco's masterpiece "Teen Town"

Joe Washington blowing over "This Masquerade"

Russell Worrell on "This Masquerade"


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