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About Bobbys Backing Tracks

BBT is a zone to collect the most professionally recorded, modern sounding backing tracks available. We all know how practicing can be boring and monotonous.Finally, and now available to you are CD quality mixes of great tunes that you won't find anywhere else.

BBT is for everyone that wants to have fun and improve musically. Whatever instrument you play, your voice included, we know you will find our catalog appealing to you.

With our core group of "A" session players and the use of modern state of the art digital technologies, we are proud to offer you THE alternative.

Read what the  others are saying about BBT and browse the products to hear samples of the finest quality mixes available.

Here at BBT we are proud to feature JAMTUBE. This is the interactive zone where you get to share yourself on video performing over our tracks. This is really where the fun begins!