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Below you can find the answers to questions about the checkout process, making a payment, downloading the tracks, errors you might encounter and much more.

1.Do you include charts/sheet music?

Sorry due to publishing and legalities we don't supply charts or sheet music. I highly recommend supporting the artists and purchasing their music.The Pat Metheny Book is an incredible resource as well as all the Chuck Sher's Books.

2.How do I get the downloads, I just paid for the tracks, where are they???

Real simple, just click on the HOW TO BUY and follow the simple instructions.You will soon receive an email with instructions and a download link...Important! Please check your SPAM filter/folder as well for a new email address showing up in your system. Sometimes the mail will get hung up there and cause a delay. If you are experiencing an issue, please send  an email to bobby@bobbysbackingtracks.com. I will do my best to get you your tracks ASAP! Please let me know how I can assist you!

3. I prefer to not use Pay Pal, can I use my credit card with Bobby's Backing Tracks?

Yes! If you choose PayPal for method of Payment and continue the order, at the end a PayPal screen will open. There you can choose to only give in your CC information and continue with the payment just as you are used to  - without logging into or using the PayPal account.

4. Your site has problems connecting to PayPal. I can not complete the purchase. The PayPal representative indicates the problem is within your site. Your website has a process flow issue with PayPal.

1.Take a breath. 2. Log out. 3. Refresh your browser. 4. Re Log-in. This should fix things just fine. Enjoy!

5. I can see the value in using these tracks to practice with but do you really enjoy playing gigs with backing tracks?

In a perfect world I would rather play with real talented musicians hands down any day. Unfortunately we live in a world based on business and budgets so a lot of the gigs out there are very scaled down these days. Club owners,Hotels/Resort F&B managers want a good sounding musical option that is affordable but also sounds professional and high quality. All these factors have brought me to this point of creating these tracks and keeping myself employed and gigging. 

6. I'm a vocalist and I love your tracks but can u make a track in a different key for me?

No problem, plus a lot more, please check out the CUSTOM section and let us  know  your  needs.

7. Whats up with the bundles?

The bundles are stylistically grouped tracks that are bundled (zipped).They are a great way to save!

8. What is JAM TUBE all about?

We live in a YOUTUBE world. Everybody  is checking it  out, especially musicians. YOUTUBE is a fantastic resource for learning. So many people sharing their knowledge and abilities online. JAM TUBE is a place where you can upload your own performances of yourselves jamming, singing or improvising over BBT. We are creating a global community of talented musicians and vocalists to showcase their talents. Just click on JAMTUBE  to get wired in for more info. See you there.

9. In what audio format do your downloads come?


10. Do you have "minus one" mixes available for drummers, bassists and keyboard players?

Right now the Pocket Central  Bundle http://www.bobbysbackingtracks.com/en/bundles-save/2023-pocket-central-drum-bundle-.html is the only minus one selection we offer at the site. If you are looking for other titles not included there I can re-mix for you for 15 USD a track, discounts offered for 10 or more. Bass players and keyboardists, please give me  a shout at custom@bobbysbackingtracks.com and let me know your needs. I will of course have to remix for you as well.

If interested please send me an email with your desired mix request. Then go to Pay Pal and (send money) send 15 USD per track to: bobbysbackingtracks@yahoo.com. After payment is received I will start mix.
Please allow 24-48 hrs (usually sooner) for me to send you back a "You Send It " link with your requested  custom mix.

11. Do you provide/sell stems? (Separated tracks)

The downloads come as only stereo mp3's. If you are in need of high rez separated files (.aiff/.wav) for a your project please contact custom@bobbysbackingtracks.com for pricing and details.

12. My computer crashed and I lost all my BBT's, what do I do now?

Don't worry.  As long as I am alive I can always send you your tracks. If I croke there is always plan B...you are safe!