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John Findlay

"JAMTUBE" - The BBT Jam Tube Community

This is the zone where you can show us and the world yourself playing melody, improvising, singing and jamming over our tracks.

Just follow these simple instructions.

1.Make a video of yourself playing over one or more of our tunes.

2. Upload it to Youtube.

3. Send the "Embed URL" Youtube link to us, with your name - click here

The best performances will be shown below, for all to see or even on our home page!

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Alex on Fragile

Ras Lomas on "Cry For You"

Paul Howe on "Cause We've Ended As Lovers"

Nguyen Sy Hoang Tu on "Just The Way You Are"

David Nason on "Spooky"


"Come Together" by Ra

Roger hitting "Georgia On My Mind"

"Africa" by Ely

Freedom Jazz Dance with Chuck

Salvatore on Jeff's "The Pump"

Sanei on "Blues MD"

David on "Josie"

Carson Lee on "Never Alone"

Sal on Stings "Fragile"

Lorenzo on Pat's "Last Train Home"

"The Pump" by Phillipe

Phillipe on "Ain't No Sunshine"

Philippe on Caruso

Joe Washington "Just The Two Of Us"

"Over The Rainbow" by David Steele

Daniel Tomy playing Pats "Something To Remind You"

Lorenzo Venza on "Overjoyed"

The amazing David Steele on "In Your Eyes"

Vas Mar on "Song for Jeff"

Brian Arrowood on "Miles/Jaco Jam"

Ian Trewhella on "Summertime"

Jose Garcia "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life"

Matthew Heulitt on Stevies "Contusion"

Jason Jackson on "My Love"

David Nason on "The Christmas Song"

David Steele and his daughter Olivia Steele Falconer "I Wont Give Up"

Lorenzo Venza "Sailing"

Jim Bryer on "Bueno Funk"

"The Island" by Marcel Carvalho


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