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Bagdad Cafe

Calling You backing track

Calling You /Bagdad Cafe

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The changes for "Calling You" as performed by Jevetta Steele from the film "Bagdad Cafe" 72 BPM / Duration 5:06. Arrangement similar to soundtrack version with an added down tempo chill beat/ vibe. (E-) (Not Record key of G-).The original track is available to listen to and purchase at itunes or Amazon.Be the first to create and share with us a Youtube video of your self on this track!



Lovely track, a haunting tune that is given a nice mellow groove with some cool changes.

I've performed this track live with this backing quite a few times now & it's gone down very well. It's one of those tunes that is not hugely well known but everyone seems to love it.

Small point but I think the correct title of the song is "Calling You" not "I am calling you".

As of Dec 7th 2010 not added to the samples on the "Listen to the Tracks" page. Sort it out Bobby because when people hear this it's going to be a good seller.

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Calling  You backing track

Calling You backing track

Calling You /Bagdad Cafe